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Top 7 Antoni Gaudi Attractions in Barcelona

Antoni Gaudí lived from 1852-1926 and created some of the most beautiful architecture in Catalonia. Geometric, religious, and natural influences are reflected in every piece of his work. He created exceptionally unique works of art during his time and was criticized for an architectural style that was not widely accepted.

Throughout the city of Barcelona, you can't help but notice his unprecedented work. Today, people travel from all over the world to catch a glimpse of some of his masterpieces, including our top 7 picks listed below.

Inside the astonishing Sagrada Familia basilica by Gaudi in Barcelona

#7 El Drac De Gaudi at Finca Guell (Dragon Gate)

This brass gate can be found as a part of the decor on a residential entrance. Located outside of the center and a bit further away from his other work, this site is not typically on tourists' must-see lists. The intricate and magnificent detail put into the design make this gate truly breathtaking. Imagine getting home from work every day and seeing this masterpiece. Sign us up!

#6 Casa Mila

The last piece Gaudí completed before he began the Sagrada Familia is definitely a sight to be seen. This building commands attention through its whimsical style. If you decide to go at night, there is a light show displayed on the building, which will make your visit even more magical.

At the top of Casa Mila by Gaudi in Barcelona

#5 Casa Calvet

Located in L'Eixample, the apartment is one of Gaudí's earliest works. It pays tribute to the Catalan style and was crafted entirely out of quarried stone from Montjuic. There is a restaurant located in the bottom floor of the apartment, so stop here for a bite to eat amidst some amazing architectural views.

#4 Palau Guell

A masterpiece located in the heart of Barcelona just off of Las Ramblas. The entrances are large and oval shaped with the intention of allowing a horse & carriage to pass through. This building was designed with intricate details in the windows and arches, incorporating Gaudí’s traditional Gothic touch. The rooftop is bright red brick, with intricate stone work and patterns that set the building apart from the surrounding architecture

Looking up in Palau Guell by Gaudi in Barcelona

#3 Fountain in the Parc de la Ciutadella

A majestic fountain created by Gaudí shines brightly in the tree-lined park just next to El Born neighborhood. With lions lining the different levels, it radiates the essence of royalty. The park itself is a beautiful site to see and a great place to stop for a rest. A picnic in the park beside this fountain should definitely be on your bucket list!

#2 Park Guell

You have probably seen the iconic images from Park Guell, another one of Gaudí's treasures. From the elevated park, you can take in sights of the entirety of Barcelona, and pictures taken here are the first to appear when you google the city. The mosaic work at this location is nothing short of sensational. Be sure to make the trip up to the Park to appreciate both the views and the intricate stone work of Antoni Gaudí.

Views of Barcelona from Parc Guell by Gaudi in Barcelona

#1 La Sagrada Familia

One of the most recognizable features of the Barcelona skyline is the Sagrada Familia, Gaudí's unfinished basilica where his remains are buried. The immense structure commands attention from any angle. Construction was started in 1882 with plans to be completed by 2026 (the centennial of Gaudí's death). One of the most-visited tourist destinations in Spain, the unique structure of the Sagrada Familia is astonishing both inside & out.

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