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Romantic Getaways in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco

Wondering where to spend a romantic weekend, but aren't sure where? We compiled the best romantic places for you to spend time with the person you love.

In honor of Valentine's Day, we have created a master list of romantic getaways in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. These destinations will provide the perfect place to indulge in luxurious spas and beautiful scenery in a romantic setting. Whether it's a weekend getaway or planning your honeymoon, there is a romantic destination for everyone in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Hotel La Vella Farga

Soak in the tranquility, elegance, and uniqueness of Catalunia when you stay at La Vella Farga. The hotel features a variety of peaceful spacious rooms looking over

the surrounding area for you to fully relax

and unwind. Spend time lounging at the outdoor infinity pool or dining at La Vella Farga Restaurant. For couples who love to indulge in wellness, book an anti-stress massage located inside a cabin or outdoors with views of the valley and the surrounding forests.

Hotel Itureggi

Hotel Itureggi welcomes lovers of the

outdoors to the Basque Coast of Spain. If your idea of a romantic getaway includes

mountain walks, soaking in the sun on the

beach, and drinking wine overlooking the

ocean, Itureggi is the perfect destination for you. After a day of exploring the

Basque Coast, relax in the outdoor pool and enjoy local cuisine on the terrace.

Menorca Experimental

Menorca Experimental is perfect for couples looking for privacy and luxury, the hotel features rooms with private pools for your perfect couples getaway. The picturesque hotel includes numerous activities to elevate your stay including a

wellness spa, yoga & meditation from a

personal coach, horseback riding, and more. Experience this romantic island by enjoying the handcrafted Mediterranean food and cocktails by the infinity pool.

Hotel La Fuente de la Higuera

Experience romance in Andalusia Spain

when you stay at La Fuente de la Higuera through the art, handcrafted food, and peaceful rooms in a beautiful setting. The hotel is a piece of paradise

providing its guests with romantic suites

with a fireplace, private balconies in every room, and a luxurious outdoor pool. Make the most of your stay with a private walking or bike tour as well as a massage.

Royal Garden Villas

Royal Garden Villas is one of the best resorts for couples looking to get away in and experience Tenerife. All 28 luxurious villas are complete with a private pool and sun deck. Reserve your spot at the exclusive Gold Pond Spa complete with a jacuzzi, hydromassage, waterfalls, and

more. A truly romantic and unforgettable

experience for those wanting to enjoy the beauty of the Spanish Islands in luxury.