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Late Winter/Early Spring in Spain, Portugal and Morocco

Always a good time to travel!

There is no "best time" to travel to our destinations of Spain, Portugal and Morocco! Why do we love late winter and early spring itineraries? In addition to historical and cultural sites, scrumptious seasonal gastronomy, remarkable and affordable wines, dynamic cities and breath-taking countryside, we love including the unique festivals and events that take place in late winter and early spring!

Here are several special late winter/early spring festivals and events to whet your travel appetite and to consider having us add to your itinerary!

SPAIN - Winter BBQ in Catalonia

Calçots are a mild member of the onion family that are harvested in the Catalan countryside outside of Barcelona from November through February. They are grilled over open fires until charred on the outside and then served as a first course for a late winter BBQ called a Calçotada. The charred part is removed and then the delicious warm calçot is dipped in zesty romesco sauce. The main course is a delicious array of grilled Catalan meats and sausages often served with small white beans.

Participants share hearty red wines from a porón, a skill that everyone has fun mastering at these fun events. We can help you head out into the countryside to experience this Catalan winter/early spring experience while you explore Barcelona and Catalonia! Let's add this unique local experience to your itinerary!

PORTUGAL - Cured and Smoked Meat Extravaganza!

The Portuguese town of Vinhais hosts the Festa do Fumeiro each year in early February. This is a festival of cured and smoked meats that includes products from over 150 local producers. There are over 50 tons of products made from the meat of the famous Portuguese bísaro pig, one of two native varieties. The several-days festival includes concerts, numerous food stalls, the sale of local handicrafts and displays of agricultural expertise that include horses, bulls and farm machinery! If you are a foodie, this festival should be part of your Portuguese itinerary!

MOROCCO - The toughest footrace on Earth!

The 37th year of the Marathon des Sables takes place in the spring in the Sahara Desert in Southern Morocco. It is considered the "toughest footrace on Earth" and covers a distance of six regular marathons (251 kilometers/156 miles) in 6 days! This test of endurance and stamina has age categories that range from teenagers to seniors and is the ultimate Sahara Desert experience! Over the course of a week, intrepid trekkers carry their own provisions and camping gear! Calling all of our extreme sports travelers.

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