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Navigating Park Güell

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Park Güell

Antoni Gaudí left his mark across Barcelona during his time. One of the more notable places where his work can be seen is in Park Güell, a public park composed of gardens and architectural elements in Carmel Hill, Barcelona. Exploring this area is a must when visiting Barcelona, and below are some tips on finding the treasures the location has to offer.

Perhaps the most iconic parts of the park, such as Gaudi's mosaic salamander and mosaic work on the main terrace, require a purchased ticket. A maximum of 400 people are can enter into this section each half hour. Once in, you may stay as long as you like and take scenic photos until your heart's content. Spend your time in this portion of the park wandering through the Hall of Columns, gazing at the religious symbols, or looking for the animals hidden throughout.

View from the terrace with mosaic seating of Park Güell

Wondering through Park Güell If interested in seeing panoramic views of the whole city, you can take the hiking paths to greater heights, locate behind the mosaic monuments, free of cost. While the paths are composed of both steps and sidewalks, it is considered to be relatively user friendly and straightforward. Winding through the gardens, you will encounter two different houses, one now being the Gaudí House Museum, and the other being the only house bought in the park, known as Casa Trías. In addition to the houses, a highest point of the park can be identified by a stone cross know as the hill of the three crosses, or El turó de les Tres Creus in Catalan. Throughout the upper locations of the park you can find various picnic tables and hangout spots including basketball hoops.

view of the Hall of Columns and mosaic work in Park Güell

Outside of Park Güell's Borders

Around the outside of the park borders you can find several other hiking trails as well as many souvenir shops and restaurants. Spending time in this area is nothing short of a delight. While a well-known tourist attraction, the park encompasses much of what Barcelona has to offer and for this reason, it is a great area to wander about. Public transportation, such as the metro and bus, bring you as near to the park as possible but the narrow streets uphill are left to be conquered on foot. Tour busses also drop off at locations as close as they can.

Flowers in full bloom at Park Güell

Be sure to check out this iconic Antoni Gaudí location the next time you are visiting Barcelona!

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