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Hiking in Spain

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Looking for an adventurous trip with some beautiful views and a little more action? Spain is a great place to go hiking and see varied landscapes, explore mountain ranges, and trek along coastal routes. Some locals will spend up to a week following routes in different regions and mountain ranges, but we've found some hikes that can be completed in a day as a nice addition to your other sightseeing plans.

Add a hiking day trip in Spain to your itinerary

De l'Almadrava a Cala Montjoi

This coastal hike is one of many in the Costa Brava region in Catalonia. Just north of Barcelona, this is a perfect day hike that will take you from Roses to Montjoi. With stunning views around every turn, you'll spend about 3 hours completing this trek. Don't forget sunscreen! You'll pass various small beaches along the way with ample opportunities to rest, grab a beer at a chiringuito (beach bar) and take in the sunshine before you continue on your journey.

Caminito del Rey

The walkway at the Caminito del Rey will excite your adventurous spirit as you move along the steep walls of the narrow gorge in El Chorro in the province of Malaga. This walkway is a fairly new experience to add to your bucket list! It was partially closed for over a decade after falling into disrepair and reopened in 2015. The walkway is 3 feet wide and rises over 330 feet above the river below. It's been given the title of world's most dangerous walkway with some unfortunate accidents in the late 90s. Be careful, and don't look down!

Don't look down at the Caminito del Rey when hiking in Spain

The Mulhacén

The Mulhacén, located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range outside of Granada, is the highest mountain on mainland Spain. The easiest and most popular hike can be completed in a day and starts at the Mirador de Trevélez on the southern side. The hike is relatively easy, considering the mountain stands at a height of 11,414 feet! Bus transport is offered for some parts of the route to make reaching the incredible views even easier. Keep in mind that trails are only open in summer and early autumn, so plan your trip accordingly!

Picos de Europa

This route will take you through the Cantabrian Mountains in the beautiful, green northern part of Spain. The Picos (Peaks) are located about 20 kilometers inland from the coast, but they are visible all the way from the sea! The highest peak is at Torre de Cerredo at 8,690 feet. Head to the Covadonga Lakes Trail for a perfect day in the northern part of Picos de Europa National Park or choose from one of the many trails categorized by length and difficulty. Hikers have multiple route options both inside and outside of the national park and can even find routes that are appropriate for kids.

A scenic hiking trail in the Picos de Europa, Spain


For a nice day trip during your stay in Madrid, check out the Peñalara, the highest mountain peak in the range of Guadarrama. The beautiful hillsides are covered with all different types of vegetation, taking you through the Parque Natural de Peñalara. A quick one-hour drive from Madrid, this is a no-brainer for some quiet time outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. You'll also make some new friends with the many species of reptile you'll pass along the way - watch your step!

Interested in planning a hike but not sure where to start? Contact Adler & Marlow to help you find the hike that's best for you and your travel partners!

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