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The Neighborhoods of Marbella

The city of Marbella sits on the southern coast of Spain, out towards the Mediteranean Sea. Marbella is a luxurious and lively town and has lots to see and do throughout the city and the surrounding areas. Like other cities, Marbella is home to five different districts. To ensure you have the best time, you should know what to expect when visiting each of these distinct neighborhoods.

Old Town

The Old Town district is the most well known to tourists. This part of Marbella has a lot of character and charm. Two areas you must explore are the Old Quarter and Plaza de los Naranjos. Grab a seat at a cafe on a quaint old town street and take in the beauty of the oldest part of the city. Spend some time in the small shops as you wander through the city streets.

Old Town in Marbella Spain

The Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is what you think of when visiting somewhere close to the Meditereanan. The buildings are white decorated with vibrant flowers while there are cobblestone streets. This year most definitely has charm but luxury is in its vocabulary as well. There are lots of shops and restaurants to entertain.

Plaza de los Naranjos

Then head to the Plaza de los Naranjos. As the title suggests, oranges grow in the trees located throughout the square, creating an unmistakable smell of citrus as you pass through. The plaza is green and lush and has lots of cafes and shops. At night, this place is lively with music and the company of tourists and locals alike.

Plaza de los Naranjos in Marbella Spain

The Financial District

The downtown district is also known as the financial district. Lots of shops, restaurants and hotels are located in this part of the city. Although this particular barrio, or neighborhood, is not very popular among tourists, the district sits along the water, so visiting the marinas there would be a great way to spend a part of your day.

Puerto Banus

Speaking of marinas, the area of Puerto Banus is the home of luxurious yachts and boats. This upscale area has had countless celebrity sightings. Like Plaza de los Naranjos, here you’ll find lively nightlife with bars and clubs to keep you entertained. The architecture of this area is pristine and will make you feel like royalty!

Puerto Banus in Marbella Spain

San Pedro de Alcantara District

The San Pedro de Alcantara District is further away from central Marbella and is a town for more of the locals. Here you’ll find lots of Roman charm, and interesting contrast to the glamorous center of Marbella. However, you have a great view of the Sierra de Ronda. Plaza de la Iglesia is a beautiful church you must visit with plenty of cafes and shops where you can grab a delicious bite or glass of wine.

Estepona District

Finally, the Estepona District is farther away from Central Marbella but tourists sure do enjoy the town. Though small, views of white sand beaches and oceanside restaurants, along with flower-lined sleepy streets are well worth a visit.

Marbella offers a great combination of both glitz and glam but also the small town feel. Some of the districts feel more upscale while others may feel more relaxed. Marbella has a little something for everyone

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