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Spectacular Sunset Spots in Barcelona

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

There is something special about ending the day with a relaxing moment watching the sun set over the horizon and light up the sky in hues of gold and purple in one of the most photogenic cities in Spain. With Barcelona being located on the eastern coast of Spain, it is more common to see the sun retreat behind the mountains instead of disappearing over the horizon. But don't worry! There are certain spots where the sunset becomes a masterpiece of nature every evening. If you love a spectacular sunset as much as we do, you have come to the right place! We have rounded up a few of our favorite spots in Barcelona to catch a glimpse of these magical hours.

Tibidabo's Majestic View

Tibidabo Cathedral del Sagrat Cor at sunset

With an amusement park, a church and a stunning viewpoint, Tibidabo is one of the most unique places in the city. We recommend a hike up to the summit of Tibidabo which is the highest point in Barcelona! Not a hiking fanatic? Don't fret! There are cable cars available to take you atop the forest-covered peak. If you are planning to spend a day at Tibidabo Amusement Park, one of Spain's old-fashioned amusement parks, hold on until sunset at the peak. It is worth it!

Park Güell's Quirky View

View from Park Güell during sunset

One of Antoni Gaudi's best-known masterpieces - the mosaic encrusted Park Güell - is one of the premier spots in the city to experience a beautiful sunset. The curving walls tiled in colorful patterns, the sprouting fountains, the Hansel and Gretel style houses and the rays of the setting sun come together to guarantee an unforgettable visit.

Montjuïc Olympic Park's stunning views

View across the Montjuïc Olympic Park at sunset

When Barcelona hosted the Olympic games in 1992, the Olympic Park - a sprawling complex of arenas and stadiums - was built on top of the Montjuïc hill. The striking sight of the iconic telecommunications tower designed by Ricardo Bofill on the backdrop of the vibrant sky at dusk offers an incredible sunset experience. It also gives out a dramatic focus for some amazing sunset pictures!

Bunkers del Carmel's 360-Degree View

Bunkers del Carmel's 360-Degree View at dusk

The hilltop ruins of El Carmel offer unparalleled 360-degree panoramas of Barcelona. These bunkers were built in 1938 to serve as anti-aircraft fortifications during the Spanish Civil War. Now it has turned into one of the perfect locations to end the day, surrounded by people picnicking, drinking wine, playing music and admiring the views of the sun descending across the city. While you have to do some uphill walking to reach the bunkers, the ambience is definitely worth it.

If you’re visiting Barcelona, be sure to set aside a few moments to relax and unwind watching the sunset from one of these spectacular viewpoints!

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