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La Rioja Wine Region

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The Rioja region is the birthplace of some of the most famous Spanish wines. With over 600 wineries, the region offers visitors ample opportunities for unforgettable experiences with activities centered around exquisite food and wine. In addition to the spectacular wineries (some with their own hotels), breathtaking landscapes, and picturesque towns, you'll find a terrific wine museum that is certainly worth a visit.

La Rioja, Spain is full of endless wine tasting options

La Rioja Wineries

With so many sites to see and wines to taste, it can be difficult to decide which wineries are best suited to your taste. We suggest visiting a maximum of three wineries a day with a mix of family-run and larger wineries to help you get a feel for various styles and interaction with the local wine makers. Don't forget to stop for lunch along the way! Many wineries offer the option of eating on-site, or you can drive to one of the small towns nearby to stop and enjoy a different side of the region before you continue on to your next tour!

The La Rioja region in Spain is home to over 600 wineries

La Rioja Towns

Food and wine aside, La Rioja is a stunning region to visit with an interesting juxtaposition of wineries with fantastic displays of modern architecture and quaint, ancient medieval towns to awe you with their cozy and charming atmosphere. Many smaller towns like Villabuena, Labastida and Lapuebla are off the beaten track and, therefore, a wonderful contrast to busier cities in the region like Haro and Logroño. Be sure to pass through for a quiet walk down beautiful, winding cobblestone streets.

Beautiful view from a medieval town in La Rioja, Spain

The Rioja region is a great place to visit year-round, but we recommend late spring, early summer and fall as the optimal times to go. With warm weather and beautiful sunny days, a day or two tasting your way through La Rioja will be an experience you'll never forget.

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