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Spring into the season in Spain

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

What to do in Springtime in Spain

As winter comes to an end and the thermometers start to spring up, Spain flips over an incredible new leaf (all puns intended). Aside from the long afternoon siestas and infinite amounts of beer and tapas, here are the reasons why you need to start packing for a spring vacation in Spain.

Barcelona in Spring

Spring is a Perfect Season for Spain

It's not too hot, not too cold with light humidity and hardly any rain and the weather and landscapes are perfect. Spain is definitely one of those countries where you can have it all in regards to your scenery preference - you have the beach, the mountains, plains and forests, and spring is special because the weather is ideal for any landscape you choose. Spain’s spring season is undeniably the best time to embark on the hundreds of sightseeing spots around the country. If you want to gaze at some blooming cherry blossoms, now's the time. We suggest heading to the Jerte Valley to see more than two million cherry trees blossom and cover the mountainsides in a blanket of white.

Spain's cherry trees in the Spring

Spring Fiestas in Spain

Let's talk fiestas. As Spring approaches, the Spaniards come out of their winter hibernation to welcome the season with festivals and concerts. We starts with Carnival in Cadiz from February to March, as well as the Fallas in Valencia in March, moving onto Easter week (Semana Santa) with traditional processions in Seville and Malaga, among other cities. The Feria de Sevilla and Feria de Jerez are in April, and the Feria de San Isidro in Madrid begins in May. When it comes to music festivals, the Primavera Sound Music Festival in Barcelona brings together hundreds of international artists, for a week of performances beginning the end of May. Check out the line-up for the next one here! We highly recommend you partake in at least one or two of these Spring fiestas if you have the opportunity.

Primavera Sound Music Festival During Spring in Spain

Perfect Beaches for Spring in Spain

Sea-se the season! Spain has a few of the most popular beaches in Europe and this is the perfect season to hike through the mountains, cycle, surf or taste some rich seafood in the country's coastal villages. Our season's favorites are Santander in the region of Cantabria and San Sebastian in the Basque Country.

Costa Brava in Spain

So, are you ready to put a little spring in your step and experience a Spanish spring retreat?

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