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A Break from Barcelona: The Best Weekend Getaways

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Nestled between the Pyrenees mountains and the Mediterranean, within close proximity to France, the Balearic Islands and mainland Spain, Barcelona has a pristine, privileged position in Catalonia. In a short car, bus or train ride from Barcelona, you can plan out the perfect escape for the weekend. Here are some ideas for a relaxing getaway outside of the Catalan capital.


Girona's colorful buildings

Found boasting an important concentration of Medieval Gothic and Baroque architecture and just forty minutes from Barcelona by high-speed train sits the thriving Catalan city of Girona. The historic town center is incredibly well preserved and has been a go-to filming location for numerous films and TV series, including Game of Thrones. An added bonus is the city's rich gastronomic scene featuring exceptional wine bars and several traditional fine-dining restaurants.


Tarragona's City Hall

With the largest concentration of Ancient Roman ruins outside of Rome lies Tarragona. This small city to the south of Barcelona has highlights including an amphitheater, necropolis, and ancient walls as well as the Les Ferres Aqueduct. Spend the day and grab lunch at restaurants with some great seafood options!


Cadaqués at sunrise

Reachable in three hours by bus from Barcelona is Cadaquès - the scenic seaside town that has a history of attracting many artists such as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Marcel Duchamp. The town itself was developed by rich entrepreneurs, giving it a unique architecture. Spend a night in this peaceful setting and enjoy Cadaques by night!


Church Andorra La Vella

Famous for the skiing and winter sport options the sovereign state can offer, Andorra sits on the border between France and Spain. The two large skiable areas in Andorra turn into hiking platforms over the summer, offering scenic views of this rich micro-state.


Ibiza Town View

A forty-five minute plane ride away from Barcelona is the charming Mediterranean town of Ibiza. Accenting a pretty town center and an old quarter resting on top of a hill, Ibiza has numerous traditional and modern restaurants, gorgeous beaches with many options for water sports, bars and clubs, and other leisure activities.


L'Hemisferic building and the Berklee College of Music in Valencia

Also known as the capital of the eponymous autonomous community of the country, Valencia lies a three hour thirty minute train-ride to the south of Barcelona and is Spain's third largest city. The city has gained remarkable international recognition for its combination of ancient and modern architecture.

Make sure to pencil in a weekend trip to one of these cities on your visit to the Catalan Capital - Barcelona. Contact us to start drafting the trip of your dreams!

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