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Finding Picasso in Spain

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The legendary artist Pablo Picasso, known as the father of cubism, changed the face of art through his array of significant paintings and sculptures. His long life, filled with many adventures and travels, began in Spain where he was significantly influenced by the culture and people who surrounded him. If you are looking for places to find his works and influence, look no further than Spain! Listed below are the many cities in which his artworks are on display today.

Portrait of young Pablo Picasso

Picasso in Barcelona:

It is in Barcelona that Pablo Picasso drew and painted in excess, often representing the old Barcelona he experienced while growing up. He left a mark on the city, not only while he lived there but also in the way he became part of avant-garde artistic and cultural circles. Home of the Museu Picasso, there is nowhere else you can find as extensive of a gallery than here in Barcelona. With over 4,200 works exhibited by the painter, you will truly become absorbed in his artistic abilities and mindset. Everything from the five contiguous medieval stone mansions that make up the museum, to Picasso's first major artworks that lie within, make a for a truly unique experience. Explore the museum looking for inspiration or use it as a window into the country's past.

Corridor in the Museu Picasso in Barcelona

Picasso in Málaga:

Born here in Málaga, the artist left no shortage of influence flowing through the city's veins. Home of a foundation in his honor and educational projects in his name, it is apparent his significance here as well as the importance of the region on Picasso's style. A large collection of Picasso’s works can be found in the Museo Picasso Malaga, which has nearly 300 pieces donated directly by members of Picasso’s family or held on permanent loan.

Depiction of Pablo Picasso's classic cubism style painting

Picasso in Madrid:

While Madrid is Spain's capital city, it is also an important city to visit when looking for works and influences of Picasso. The Reina Sofía National Art Museum is an unmissable stop on the hunt for Picasso's legacy. This museum has over 100 works done by Picasso, including the famed “Guernica” painting and his preparatory drawings that accompany the work. This masterpiece is just one depiction of the cubism style Picasso is known for.

If you are willing to travel just outside the city of Madrid, you will discover another Picasso Museum, the Eugenio Arias Collection, in Buitrago de Lozoya. Here you can see the works that Picasso’s barber collected over 26 years of friendship. This gallery is truly distinctive and unrepeatable due to the nature of the cultivated relationship.

Image of the renowned "Guernica" painting by Pablo Picasso

Amazed at how much Pablo Picasso was able to accomplish and paint in his life? Us too! While Spain is home to the most extensive collections of his work, there are other various cities that also hold great significance to the artist and his works such as in Switzerland, France, and Germany. The reputable Pablo Picasso will live on forever through his many collections and renowned influence, not only in Spain but across the world.

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