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Top 6 Things to do in Málaga

Málaga is the capital city of the Province of Málaga, Spain, and has over 571,000 residents, making it one of the most populous cities in Spain. Scholars believe that the city was founded in 770 B.C. which makes Málaga one of the oldest cities in Europe! As a result of this long history, it isn’t a surprise that Málaga has some of the most unique historic buildings that make for top tourist attractions. Let’s look at a few of our favorites!

La Alcazaba

La Alcazaba is a fort built in the early 11th century. It’s located on a hill which will grant you access to some of the most incredible views of the city. In addition to the beautiful architecture itself, you’ll find gardens, fountains, gateways and much more. On the inside, there are the Puerta de los Cuartos de Granada and the Torre del Homenaje, three patios and the Cuartos de Granada, which was the home of the kings and governors.

La Alcazaba in Malaga

Roman Theater

This historic theater dates back to first century B.C. but was mostly hidden underground until it was discovered again in 1951. As you may have guessed, the Roman Theater was constructed with Roman architecture and has a long, Roman history. It’s 203 feet across, 52 feet in height and has an orchestra of 49 feet. This unique site is definitely worth a visit!

Roman Theater in Malaga

Málaga Cathedral

The Málaga Cathedral began it’s construction in 1528 and mostly consists of Renaissance style architecture except for the façade, which is in Baroque style. Inside, you’ll gaze up at beautiful marble columns, medallions carved in stone, pilasters, and arches, not to mention the beautiful, historic Gothic altarpiece. The unique architecture of this cathedral makes it a must-see on our list!

Castillo de Gibralfaro

The castle was built in the 14th century and has been through quite a history. Originally, it was built for troops to protect the Alcazaba but has also served as the residence of Ferdinand the Catholic at one point. On your visit, take your time exploring stunning courtyards, towers, baths, barracks and stables of the troops and so much more! In addition to the castle itself, the site allows incredible views of the city that are definitely worth a visit!

Castillo de Gibralfaro in Malaga

Parque de Málaga

This park consists of 2,625 feet of walkways and a total of 322,917 square feet, including the rose garden. Around the park are many sculptural decorations, monuments and fountains surrounding the Eduardo Ocón Municipal Auditorium. The Parque de Málaga has beautiful gardens and a range of plants such as palm trees, orange trees and cypresses. A stroll through the beautiful scenery and nature of the park makes for a wonderful afternoon for anyone!

Parque de Málaga in Malaga

Picasso’s Málaga

Picasso's Málaga is a new museum that opened in 2003 and holds a collection, about 155 pieces, of Picasso’s work and some of his personal items. This museum was a special project since Pablo Picasso himself was born in the city of Málaga. The museum makes use of natural light through many skylights and is something of a wonder itself. The history, architecture and artwork combined makes for a fascinating attraction.

Málaga, being one of the oldest cities in Europe, boasts a vast history and unique architecture in combination with more modern attractions including Picasso’s Málaga, the La Rosaleda Futból Stadium, Puerto de Málaga and Atarazanas Market. If you find yourself in Málaga, try to check out as many of these attractions as you can!

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