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Special Corners of Spain

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Simply put, Spain is amazing. As a destination, you have everything a traveler could desire. The difficult part then becomes, how to frame the trip. With that in mind, I thought it may be helpful to highlight a few areas that I believe are truly special and not so well known:

Costa Brava

Costa Brava in Spain

An unbelievably stunning coastline that begins about an hour drive north of Barcelona and ends at the border to France. You could spend a month here and not do the same thing twice. From Michelin star restaurants, charming fishing villages, Dalí’s home, well preserved medieval villages to incredible wine, this area of Spain is a guaranteed hit and not to be missed!


Tours in Galicia

Arguably the world’s greatest place to eat seafood, Galicia boasts many wonderful elements. Most people visit this region of Spain as part of the Camino de Santiago, a famous pilgrimage that ends in Santiago de Compostela. More and more however, in-the-know travellers are heading to Galicia for it rugged coastal towns, exceptional food and wine and lovely people.


Vacation in Formentera

This delightful island is a jewel of the Mediterranean. Formentera is one of the four Balearic islands. To get there you have to fly to Ibiza and take a ferry to Formentera. With its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, weekly hippy markets, and funky beach bars, you can do nothing else but fall in love with this quirky island.


This northern region of Spain is a well-kept secret that most people do not consider when planning a trip to Spain. Big mistake! Aside from the main attraction, which is an impressive mountain range called Picos de Europa, visitors to Asturias will enjoy rugged coastlines, delicious food, medieval architecture and the charming capital city of Oviedo.


Best wine region in Spain

For wine enthusiasts planning to visit Spain, the Priorat is a must. This small region is strikingly beautiful, unique and filled with some of the country’s top wine producers. For the international prestige of its wine to the rugged natural beauty of this area, its amazing that it is still such a well-kept secret among wine tourists.

This is just a sample of the wonderful places Spain has to offer. If your interest is peaked and you want a closer look at what seduced this New Yorker, get in touch and we’ll show you!

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