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Profile of a Spanish Chef: Israel Ramos

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Chef Israel Ramos, trained at the School of Catering of Cadiz, opened his dream project,"Mantúa" in 2017. This gourmet, haute cuisine restaurant located in Jerez is named after a grape which was grown in this area in the south of Spain in the 18th century. A Jerez native, Ramos was inspired to open the restaurant with the intention of interlacing Andalusian cuisine with the wine culture of the region.

Chef Israel Ramos

In an intimate setting with only six tables, guests can choose from tasting menus of either 16 or 12 dishes accompanied by local sherry wine. Ramos’ vision for the restaurant is for each guest to have an exquisite experience with local ingredients cooked in a refreshingly innovative and unique way. The ingredients used at Mantúa are seasonally selected for optimal taste and freshness.

A view from the inside of Restaurant Mantúa

Mantúa has filled a gastronomical gap in the city. The restaurant provides locals and visitors alike to share in the experience of fine dining in Jerez with local sherry wine, payoyo cheese and retinto beef, a contrast to the casual tapas bars and more traditional dishes that are typically served in the area.

Side street near the cathedral in Jerez

Next time you are in Spain, be sure to book a table at Mantúa and enjoy everything Chef Ramos and the city of Jerez have to offer.

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