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Madrid's Best Secret Bars and Restaurants

If you are planning a trip to Madrid, don't forget to stop by and uncover the seductiveness of the forbidden with some of the gastronomy treasures hidden behind art galleries, luxurious home décor shops, clandestine apartments or seemingly uneventful parking garages. Don't fret if you don't know where they are because we have you covered! Read on for some of the Spanish capital's best secret bars and restaurants.


Kikekeller Bar in Madrid

As soon as the lights of this wonderful decor shop are turned off, some other lights that illuminate their secret bar are turned on. Located in the very heart of Madrid's hippiest neighborhood, Kikekeller is a designer furniture store by day and a clandestine bar by night.


Palermo Bar in Madrid

Housed in the garage of a villa in Arturo Soria, Bar Palermo has one of the most eccentric locations in Madrid. It gives out the vibes of a New York speakeasy in Prohibition. It has somewhat of an irresistible aura about it which makes it a perfect, exciting spot to take someone you want to impress to.


Pinkoco Madrid Restaurant and Bar

Walk into Pinkoco during the day and it is a boho natural cosmetics store with tropical style decor, costume jewelry and women's accessories, but open their doors after 6 p.m and you'll find a the best place for an Italian appetizer and many cocktails. Like Cinderella, the bar disappears at midnight to appear as a cosmetics store again during the day.

Club Clandestino

Club Clandestino Madrid Restaurant and Bar

Cannibal Raw has a wonderful raw menu but what's not mentioned on the menu is the bar hiding in the basement. Club Clandestino is a vaulted place that is open till 6 a.m serving cocktails and concerts. Of course there is a password that changes every month so we suggest making some local friends to join the exclusive list.

Fellina Restaurante

Fellina Restaurant in Madrid

Walk through the matt black wodden doors into a captivating world where chance plays a role. Felina is an Italian restaurant that took the place of Random Restaurant in Madrid. While you indulge in some amazing Italian food from their concise menu and the perfect interior decoration around you, know that right under you is the password locked Anonimo Club to which entry is earned not granted. If you earn the prestige of entry, your server will ask you to accompany them into the 1930s and you will have the opportunity to discover what lies underneath. Starting from cocktails that are next to none to champagne and caviar with your name on it, Anonimo's menu features everything you would need for the perfect end to your night. What happens there, stays there so make sure to put up your best front and earn your right to be part of the crowd underground. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Make sure you stop by one of these secret treasures in Spain's capital if you are visiting soon - or at least try to...

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