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Best Wineries to visit in Porto

If you are visiting Porto, don’t miss an opportunity to visit an antique wine cellar and sample the famous Port wine straight from the barrel. If you have time and an interest in viticulture try to retreat away from the city to experience the entire wine-making process. Here are some of our favorite wineries and vineyards around Porto.


Caves Ferreira - Wine Tastings in Porto

The Ferreira name is among the most popular for Port wine and can be found all over Portugal and other countries as well. During a tour in the cellars, visitors can sample aged varieties and learn about the Douro region and the vineyard heiress who gave the Ferreira Port her name.

Croft Port

Croft Port Cellars in Porto Winery

Croft is the oldest, continuously-running Port wine producer and a visit here features sampling three exceptional wines in addition to peering down the antique cellars.

Graham's Port Lodge

The Graham's 1890 Lodge in a Winery in Porto

The Graham Lodge has been in business for around 300 years, and allows visitors to experience the normal sights and sounds that come with the operation within their late 19th-century lodge. Here you can choose your own tasting from three packages by either booking a spacious and comfortable tasting room, a visit to the museum, or a guided tour of the caves.


Image of one of the wineries in Porto

The classics included in the wine tasting at Sandeman are Ruby, Tawny, and White Port wine. Sandeman also produces Brandy and Madeira Wine. Visits here are sometimes themed, and guests may be shown around by a man in a cape and sombrero.

Porto Calém

Porto Calem Winery in Porto

Calém is one of the most popular wineries for Port wine. Founded in 1859 as an export to Brazil, this winery is a favorite within Portugal with its wide range of ports from a variety of whites, ruby and tawny.

Quinta da Aveleda

Quinta da Aveleda Winery in Porto

Close to Porto is a Aveleda, the top producer of Vinho Verde which is the real traditional wine of Porto. This is a crisp wine pairs well with seafood, but locals are seen drinking it alongside favored pork-centric dishes. Make sure to schedule a visit to the beautiful estate to learn more about the history and process of making this cultural favorite.

Contact us here to start planning your dream vacation to Spain and Portugal and incorporate some of these wineries to the plan! Bon Voyage!

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