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Top Places to Visit in Cordoba

In the south of Spain stands Cordoba, a small city filled with all sorts of different adventures to be had. Cordoba is unlike a lot of other cities in Spain because of the unique landmarks the city has to offer. To fully understand the distinctive characteristics of Cordoba, we have to know the history behind this city of 780,000 people and how Cordoba came to be.

Established by Romans because of its key location among the Guadalquivir River, Cordoba has the largest olive oil port in the world. This made it a central location of trade and kept the city growing and evolving.

Over time, the Muslim religion rose to be predominant in this city. This is where a lot of different buildings that still stand today came from. What is so fascinating about all of this is that in 1236 when Christianity took over, they decided to let the buildings stand and reuse them for their own use within the Christian community.

Today, aspects of both Muslim culture and Christianity are demonstrated throughout the city. Visitors are amazed by incredible landmarks with breathtaking architecture that demonstrate the power of history along with these coexisting religions.

The Mezquita

One of the most famous buildings from this time was the Mezquita, also known as the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. The title of this wonder is self explanatory. This building was founded as a mosque but when the Christians took over, they loved the building and did not want to change anything about it. Specifically Christian elements were added inside the building. With only a small admission fee, this would be a great way to explore the history and significance of Cordoba.

The Mezquita in Cordoba, Spain

Another fun attraction to visit in the city are the gardens that date back to when the Roman’s ruled the city. The two major gardens are Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs and Palacio de Viana.

The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs is said to date back to when Julius Caesar was ruler of the Romans. It’s said the plants there today are from when he planted them. This place is filled with water streams from the river along with several fountains.

The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs in Cordoba, Spain

Palacio de Viana

The other garden of Palacio de Viana can also be known as the museum of courtyards. This palace is home to twelve different courtyards and some date back up to five centuries. You won’t even feel like you are in a city when surrounded by the serenity of the greenery and fountains.

Palacio de Viana in Cordoba, Spain

As you can see, the individuality of the city of Cordoba is unmatched. Its history plays an imperative role in the attraction of this interesting southern city. Don’t miss this unforgettable stop on your journey through Andalusia. You won’t regret strolling through the town square of Plaza de la Corredera and the charming street of Calleja de las Flores. Cordoba has it all!

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