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What to do on a Rainy Day in Spain

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, or does it? No matter how sunny and beautiful the weather of Spain typically is, there comes a time when the occasional rainy day leaves us wondering how to spend our time making the most out of a wet, cloudy day! Here are 5 tips to conquer a day of bad weather!

what to do in the rain in barcelona

1 Visit that museum you have been dying to go to

Whether its art, history, or science, a trip to that museum you haven't gotten a chance to visit is a perfect way to stay inside while still enjoying the cultural and historical sites Spain has to offer. Pro tip: check the museum website before visiting for special offers. Many of the museums in Barcelona even offer free entry for certain hours or days of the week.

what to do in the rain in madrid

2 Hang out in a local cafe

You see it everywhere you go - locals sitting at small cafes with an espresso or croissant, just observing those around them. People watching can certainly be entertaining, plus it gives you a chance to relax and sit contently with your own thoughts or a good book. Perfect for those who need some alone time to unwind!

rainy day activities in barcelona

3 Schedule a cooking class.

There is no better way to learn about the traditional dishes of a region than to have a hands-on experience in a small, intimate cooking class. A cooking class will allow you to learn about the ingredients of each dish, how and why dishes are prepared a certain way, and the history behind each dish. At the end you get to taste your masterpiece, and also take home the skills to recreate it at home and impress your friends. Pro tip: We have many cooking classes to choose from, contact us to plan your ideal class!

what to do on a rainy day in seville

4 Make your way to the cinema

Test your language skills and buy tickets to a Spanish film. You can see how well you've practiced Spanish and can observe the similarities and differences between the types of films that you are used to and those of a different country. The cultural similarities and differences may surprise you!

rainy day activities in madrid

5 Go shopping at a neighborhood mall

Spain is home to some of the best shopping in the world, Barcelona especially. If you find yourself stuck at home on a rainy day, opt for a day at the mall instead where you can window shop, admire the new trends, or treat yourself to some new pieces you didn't know you needed. Pro tip: keep an eye out for signs that read ¨Rebajas¨, as this means sales! Some of the best sales happen at the end of each season in January, July and August.

No matter where you are in Spain, a rainy day won't put an end to your fun. Whether you're a foodie, a shopper or an art and history buff, there are always indoor activities for you to choose from!

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