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Spring Getaways in Portugal

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Portugal is a notable option for some Vitamin D to recharge your soul until summer this Spring. We have handpicked our top spring destinations in Portugal to guide you into the season that everyone is waiting for. If you do plan to go to one of these, try to protect your heart well because it’s going to burst into great awe.


Spring in Lisbon, Portugal

The capital has the nicest hotels, amazing food, and its landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. This season is one of the best times to explore the best of Lisbon without the touristy crowds and scorching summer heat.


Spring in Porto, Portugal

Have you heard about the famous Port Wine? Porto has tons of it and we recommend visiting the famous Wine Cellars in the city for a wine tasting. Don't forget to follow that up with a big and satiating Francesinha, a Portuguese sandwich that originated here.


Spring in Sintra, Portugal

Get your mind blown by the wild, sylvan, and adorable city that looks like a pop-up from a fairytale - Sintra. With the cooler temperatures in Spring, this city is a perfect destination to visit and see the amazing landscapes without burning in the heat but still getting some sun!


Landscapes in Braga, Portugal in Spring

The centre of Braga, the town of archbishops, is adorned with the most amazing churches from centuries ago and emblematic cafés that are famed to tell their unique stories. Make sure you book a trip to this ancient Roman city this Spring!


Aveiro, Portugal in Spring

Also called the Venice of Portugal, Aveiro the place for lovers and art enthusiasts. Make sure to set aside some time to enjoy the buildings of Art Noveau. Just imagine having a moliceiro cruise through Aveiro's beautiful canals during Spring!


Douro Vineyards During Spring in Portugal

Our beloved Douro is a fertile land where farmers from all ages have been dedicating their lives into a great harvest of the most delicious fruits, vegetables, cereals and grapes that later go into the making of the sweet Port Wine. Along with the many vineyards, Peso da Régua, Pinhão, and Lamego areworth a visit and the landscapes are undoubtedly phenomenal. And whats a better time than this Spring season?

Start planning your Spring trip to Portugal! Contact us here if you want a custom-tailored itinerary geared to sketch your dream spring vacation.

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