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Light up your Night: Sant Joan in BCN

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Celebrated on June 23rd and 24th each year, Sant Joan, also called Spain's fire festival, is the one night in the Catalan calendar when pagan, Christian and mystical tradition join together in the form of an eccentric festival.

Sant Joan, Fire Festival, in Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona alone there are a number of bonfire displays organized by museums, clubs and restaurants. Wherever you are, you will experience a magical ritual with a fusion of fire, water and the sun! The celebrations begin on the night of June 23rd when crowds gather with anticipation for the colorful firework displays which light up the night sky while bonfires light up the streets all across Catalonia. Barcelona is like a bit like Guy Fawkes' Night in the U.K. or the 4th of July in the U.S. but held in summer on the shores of the Mediterranean. If you happen to be in the Catalan Capital during this time, you're in luck! Here are our recommendations for the best places to admire the extravagant pyrotechnic celebrations.

Barceloneta Beach During San Joan

Fireworks display from Barceloneta on the night of Spain's Fire Festival

The beach is the heart of the party and the best place to be on the night of Sant Joan. As the sun sets and the party grooves into full swing, live music performances and dances start unveiling along the beach. If you are not one to get into a flow with crowds, we advise you to get there early to secure a spot for your blanket.

La Caseta del Migdia and Plaça de Carlos Ibáñez on Montjuïc During San Joan

Montjuïc hill is one of the most popular places to admire the Catalan capital from. The hill has many spots with great views, so set up your own private spot on one of the grassy banks or small benches to see the night sky light up! Alternatively, head up to one of our favorite spots in the city perched on the very top of Montjuïc hill: La Caseta del Migdia. This low-key outdoor restaurant provides breathtaking spot to soak up the festive atmosphere of the night, with a side of a laid back atmosphere! A barbecue, a bar, great views and maybe some great friends - sounds like the perfect mix to us.

The Carmel Bunkers During San Joan

Fireworks display from the bunkers on the night of Spain's Fire Festival

This former military bunker is located on the margins of the city and is the spot to go to if you are looking to enjoy a clear 180-degree view of Barcelona and the amazing fireworks of Sant Joan night.

One of the many rooftop bars or restaurants for San Joan June in Barcelona means great weather to get some cocktails at one of Barcelona's rooftop bars or experience some of the city's gastronomy from a rooftop restaurant - paired with gorgeous views! Get the very most out of your tapas and sangria with panoramic views of the Mediterranean city's colorfully lit night sky.

A Small Party at a Friend's to celebrate San Joan

Fireworks display from an apartment rooftop in Barcelona during Fire Festival

One of the post popular locations to enjoy the festivities from is a friend's rooftop or terrace with a lot of coca de Sant Joan (a typical pastry), sangrias and great conversation. Knowing that if you indulge in too many glasses of cava, you will have a place to crash is an added bonus to this location.

Address: Well, we recommend asking the host.

If you are in Barcelona, make sure to bring some cava to one of these locations and take part in the buzz as you and everyone around you get ready to see some spectacular fireworks!

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