Girona´s Stone Witch

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Starting the day with some tricks and treats? The legend of the Witch at the Cathedral of the medieval town of Girona, one of Spain's many Cathedrals, is certainly full of one of the two. Legend has is that an old woman used to roam through the ancient city, filling the streets with screams of blasphemy. Known as a nuisance for throwing rocks at religious monuments, she targeted anything religiously symbolic.

The Girona Cathedral, seen today as one of the cities most representative symbols, was one of her monuments of interest. One day, after having thrown stones directly at the Cathedral, a voice called out to her and said, "Rocks you throw, rock you will remain!" At exactly that moment, the witch was turned into stone in the form of a gargoyle that juts out from the cathedral wall.

She´s the only human-shaped gargoyle on the entire building and is attached to the wall in a downward-facing position. Locals claim that this is to prevent her from ever seeing the sky again and to allow water to drain through her mouth, forever washing away her profane orations.

Just 99 kilometers from Barcelona, Girona has origins dating back more than 2,000 years. Having undergone over twenty sieges and being captured seven times in its history, Girona certainly has more eerie stories to tell.

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