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Girona Flower Festival

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The Girona Flower Festival is our favorite time to visit the medieval town in Catalonia. For a brief few days, there is an abundance of aromas and over 100 flower displays that will take your breath away. The festival began in 1954 and has grown into the biggest flower festival in Spain. In 2019, the festival will start on May 11 and continue through May 19.

Unique display at the Girona flower show

Artists use a mixture of sculptures and various types of flowers to create their elaborate masterpieces. The festival offers all types of artists the chance to showcase their creativity. There are film and photo contests and an a cappella music festival that commonly showcase amazing work. The city is booming with life for the entire duration of the festival. Be sure to stay the night in Girona to check out the displays over the River Anyar, as they are especially beautiful in the evenings.

Local artists showcase their creativity

Enjoy delicious cuisine from many of Girona’s amazing restaurants. Our favorites are Cellar de Can Roca, Nu, Cul del Mon, and Brots de Vi. Cellar de Can Roca is recognized as the second-best restaurant in the world, so if you’d like to make a reservation we can help. Many restaurants in the area will incorporate flowers into their dishes during the festival, so be adventurous and try something new!

Beautiful flower displays can be seen throughout the city.

The city is absolutely breathtaking and has a lot of other amazing things to see while you're there for the festival. The hit TV show, Game of Thrones, filmed a large portion of season 6 here due to the beautiful architecture. The Jewish quarter in Girona is one of the most well-preserved in Spain. The Forca Vella is a must-see. A fortress built in the 1st century BCE, it stands in a triangular shape and formed the original wall around the city which remained untouched until around 1000 CE.

A stunning collection of flowers at the Girona Flower Festival

We recommend avoiding the first and last Sundays, as they are the busiest days to see the festival and there may be long queues to see the big displays. Trains leave very frequently from the Passeig de Gracia station in Barcelona with the train company Renfe. Contact Adler & Marlow if you have any questions, want to add some unique experiences to your itinerary, or need help finding a place to stay!

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