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Celebrating Festa Major De Gracia (Revisited)

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Festa Major de Grácia

While many cities dread massive block parties, Barcelona embraces them. In August every year, the neighborhood of Gràcia explodes into celebration, and beautifies the city along the way with a week-long block party that turns into a competition for the best decorated street. This year the celebrations will start August 15th and continue onto August 21st! Mark your calendars and drop a pin on Gràcia on your google maps!

Image of Festa Major de Gracia

History of Festa Major de Grácia

Festa Major De Gracia, one of many Spanish festivals, started in 1817 on the day of the Assumption of Mary in honor of Gràcia being annexed into Barcelona. In the 19th century, the town began transitioning from a rural area to an urban town. Throughout this transformation, the town held onto its tradition of decorating the streets. The Festival runs from August 15 through August 21 every year.

Festa Major de Gracia, held each August

Activities of Festa Major de Grácia

The festival rages day and night, turning 20 streets in Gràcia into their own new worlds with their own unique themes for the time. Although drinking, dancing and partying paint the landscape at night, the festival also features human castles and a fire run as well as activities for children throughout the day, allowing the entire family to enjoy the street festival.

Spain's Festa Major de Gracia

Festa Major de Grácia Decorations

Along with the element of partying and revelry, residents of the usually-quiet neighborhood compete for the best decorated street using recycled materials and a chosen block-theme. Decorations stretch between buildings to turn streets into tunnel-like passages exploding with color and papier-mâché sculptures. It is definitely a sight worth seeing!

Celebrating Festa Major de Gracia

Everyone in Barcelona takes part in this festival and so should you. Don't miss out and don't forget to visit the neighborhood and take some cool pictures next week!

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