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Beautiful Masias of Catalonia

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Luxury Masia in Barcelona

Anyone who has spent some time in Catalonia has probably ended up at a Masia. Masias are Catalan farmhouses, some of which date back to the 12th Century. Whether for a barbecue, a wedding party or a fun weekend getaway with friends, these magnificent old farmhouses are iconic in the northeast of Spain and worth getting to know.

Masia in Catalonia, Spain

The style and structure can vary greatly from masia to masia, however they are either single buildings or a complex consisting of one main building and various sub-buildings.

In general, masias are orientated to the South to maximize sun exposure and the buildings are divided into three floors, where the ground floor was used for the animals, the first floor is where the family resided and the attic was used to store and dry crops and other agricultural products.

Luxury Masia in Catalonia, Spain

Today, the most impressive masias are the ones that have been converted into luxury self-catering holiday homes. These are huge houses that can cater all groups sizes.

They have been adapted to the needs of modern travelers, while at the same time remain respectful to their farmhouse heritage. Most have modern swimming pools, BBQ areas and large gardens. Often, the masias are situated in beautiful locations, offering guests opportunities to make the most of nature and the stunning Catalan countryside.

Luxury Masia in Catalonia, Spain

These peaceful surroundings of forests, vineyards and mountains are a huge draw for visitors. Each unique property bursts with character, history and rural charm. Their size and setting make them highly popular as venues for events and retreats.

Interested in staying in one of the best ones? Ask us!

Luxury Masia in Catalonia, Spain

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