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Weekend Trip: The Best of Seville

With it’s beautiful weather, amazing architecture and interesting history all set along the banks of the Guadalquivir River Seville is a favorite Spanish city for many. Behind every corner of this gorgeous city are Andalusian gems covered in colorful tiles, so if you only have a weekend in Sevilla, you will have a hard time choosing what to see and what to skip. That being said, it is enough time to see the major sights and get a taste of the Andalusian capital.

Mercado Lonja del Barranco

Food market in Seville - Mercado Lonja del Barranco

Assuming that you arrive around lunch time on a Saturday, we recommend starting with an appetizer of Sevilla's flavors. Mercado Lonja del Barranco is a stylish gourmet food market on the riverbank down from Seville’s Plaza de Armas bus station and offers the best, well-rounded microcosm of Seville's pijo, or "posh" reputation. A few hours at this sophisticated cluster of food stalls and bars, offering a range of international cuisine as well as traditional Andlausian dishes, will not disappoint so go ahead and get your lunch fix here!

Catedral de Sevilla

View of the Catedral de Sevilla

After your leisurely orientation to Seville over lunch, immerse yourself in a little bit of Seville's culture in the historic city center. About a 10 minute walk away is the largest cathedral and third largest church in the world - the Catedral de Sevilla. The classical exterior is followed by an equally impressive interior. The main alter piece, built by Pierre Dancart between 1482 and 1564, gently glimmers through the space with its 36 glided panels. This cathedral also holds the sarcophagus of Christopher Columbus. If you decide to go inside, we recommend getting tickets online.

Alcázar palace

Located just a few minutes on foot from the huge cathedral, one of Seville's finest examples of Moorish architecture, the Alcázar palace, is worth a visit. A peek inside to see the delicate interiors of this Moorish palace is fascinating and highly recommended. We suggest purchasing tickets online to avoid queues at the ticket office, especially if you are on a time crunch.

Plaza de Toros

View of the Plaza de Toros

Thought to be one of the finest buildings in the country, "The Bullring" is one of Seville's most popular sights.The arena alone is a wonderful sight with its late baroque architecture and stunning main entrance. There are still fights held today, but with the shortage of time on a one-day trip, sitting in on one might not be feasible.


Sevilla's Triana District

Walk over Puente Isabel II (also called Puente de Triana) and across the Guadalquivir river and you will end up in the beautiful former gypsy quarter of Sevilla - Triana. There is no better way to experience Sevilla's local life than taking in the lively atmosphere of this part of the city. Stop by one of the numerous local tapas joints to see the walls plastered with old bullfighting posters, mounted bulls’ heads and weeping Virgin Marys. Get some tapas and cold beers while you're at it!

Alameda de Hércules

After indulging in some of Triana's delicious tapas, take a leisurely walk back over Puente Isabel II to Alameda de Hércules. This plaza used to be Sevilla's own red light district several decades ago, but owing to a costly facelift by the Seville Council between 2006 and 2008, Alameda de Hércules is now the city's most fashionable nightspot. The many spacious terraces on the plaza make for perfect spots to sit down and rest from the walk with a few drinks. Once you are ready to be on the move again, you can simply cross over the square for some cocktails in a "pijo" late-night bar!

Plaza de España

Plaza de España and the moat

Sundays progress slowly in Seville and assuming that your ride out of the city is after noon, we suggest starting the day off with a morning walk to Plaza de España. The Plaza's half-moon building showcases the city's classic blend of neo-Moorish and Renaissance Revival styles. Overlooking the stunning buildings is a massive plaza surrounded by a moat. We suggest finding a spot to sit and just taking everything in. You could stop by a cafe to grab some breakfast and have a mini picnic there! If you start off your day early enough, consider enjoying some gentle boating before saying adiós to Sevilla.

If you are limited on time, these are the places we hand-picked for you. Seville is home to so much beauty and culture and we recommend trying to fit in more than 24 hours there. Start planning out your Spain trip with us and we can tailor the perfect itinerary catered just for you! Contact us here!

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