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Bilbao, Spain

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This day is all about the art scene in Bilbao. Bilbao is a surprise for many when they first arrive. Apart from the Guggenheim, visitors rarely expect such a variety of art and architecture. We’ll start the afternoon with a brief walking tour of the city, finally tucking into a private art gallery tucked away in the old town. In the gallery you can enjoy a variety of art exhibitions, together with an extraordinary menu in an intimate, yet avant garde atmosphere, prepared just for you by the gallery owner. Who would expect that an art gallery could also knock you off your feet with their homemade cuisine. Your host will give you insight into the local art scene and prep you for your visit to the Guggenheim Museum. This space is one of the most delightfully surprising treasures of Bilbao. After your lunch, its a short walk over to the Guggenheim Museum, where you will enjoy your visit at leisure. Designed by the North American architect Frank Gehry, this unique museum on the riverside has been the highlight of Bilbao since 1997. The building itself is an extraordinary combination of interconnecting shapes. Impressive limestone blocks contrast with curved architectural forms covered in titanium. Glass curtain walling provides the building with the light and transparency it needs. An abstract ship shape, the titanium panels resembling fish scales pay homage to the fact that the river was historically the economic hub of Bilbao.

Wix Pins
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