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Lanzarote, Spain

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Today we will visit the incredibly unique Museo Atlántico, Europe’s only underwater museum! This is a unique dive site in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. This experience is suitable for everyone, even if you do not have a dive license. The day consists of three parts. It begins with a try dive from the shore. For this first dive, we explain the most important dive theory in a 20 minute safety briefing. Together with an instructor you do a dive from the beach with a maximum depth of 6 meters. After this dive, you will learn a few basic dive skills in the pool. Then you have a short break to eat and drink something close to the dive centre. After the briefing, we will go by boat to the underwater museum. The statues of the Museo Atlántico are at a depth of 14 meters. Because you are not allowed to dive deeper than 12 meters, you will stay with a private guide to ensure that you stay at this depth. Here you will have a perfect view of the statues.

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