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Visit Morocco to discover it’s unique culture, beautiful landscapes and exotic souks! As you explore the amazing country, you will become enchanted by its incredible food, people, textiles, crafts and more! The streets of Marrakesh, Tangier and Fes exemplify Morocco's architecture with it’s beautiful designs with a wide range of color. Enjoy a luxurious and romantic experience in the desert while riding a camel and dinning under the brightest stars you have ever seen! No matter what type of traveler you are, Morocco has something for you!

Where to explore...


Marrakesh invites you to explore some of the oldest traditions and cultures of the country. Our local hosts will take your through the tiny backstreets of the Medina, teach you the tricks to negotiate in the market and how to pour a tea like a local. They will show your the best place to enjoy a drink at sunset over the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square and introduce your the lovely locals. Visit the Yves Saint Laurent and Berber history museums, stay in charming luxurious riads and be pampered by the best hammam experience around. For those of you looking for some adventure, you can wake up before sunrise and enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the city, or hop on the back of a camel (or 4x4!) for a ride around the nearby desert. Enjoy fantastic local cuisine in some of the city's top restaurants, or at the wonderfully trained hands of your local host's mother's cooking! All this and more awaits you in Marrakesh!

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Paul Macallan
Image by Florian Bernhardt


Enjoy one of the finest cities in Morocco. We bring you the best experience in exploring the traditional museums and architecture of Tangier. Climb the steep steps of the Kasbah and immerse yourself in the stone age period. You can even visit one of the oldest palaces in the world, Place du Menchoar. You can do a fantsatic day trip to visit the all blue city of Chafchauen, or have a relaxing picnic at the Grand Socco Square. This incredible city is the best of both the modern and old world.

Image by Zack Woolwine
Image by Kyriacos Georgiou


Visit the capital city of Morocco and discover the strong history of the city of Rabat. You can discover the centuries-old  Hassan tower and tomb, Kasbah des Oudaias, or even Hassan II's palace. Relax in the Andalusian gardens, visit the Natural Science Museum, or the Old Medina where you can get authentic local products to dive deeper into the culture and traditions of Morocco. The city is filled with treats for those who love discovering the history and traditions of a country. 

Image by Abbas Jamie
Image by soulaymane Elyoussfi
Image by Idriss Meliani


Image by Carlos Ibáñez
Image by Chronis Yan

Fes, the best surviving example of an ancient Arab city, is comprised of the “new” city, established in the 12th century, and the 2,000-year-old medina, where donkeys and mules laden with goods still trawl alongside buyers through the ancient market, itself a fascinating maze of lanes, blind alleys and bustling souks assaulting the senses with spices and exotic delicacies.Fes is the perfect place to hone your bargaining skills in buying souvenirs, brightly colored hand- loomed carpets or fine crafted artisan goods. Visit the famous leather tanneries, a honeycomb of vats erupting in an explosion of brilliant color. Often seen as one of the most interesting cities to visit in Morocco!


MERZOUGA (sahara desert)

Explore the sand dunes of Merzouga, a city on the outskirts of Morocco. There is a range of activities here including camel trekking, dune bashing, or even catching the scenic landscapes of the Lac Dayet Srij and Erg Chebbi. For those of you looking for a truly Moroccan experience, spend the night under the stars in a luxury desert camp. You can witness the large biodiversity of unique birds that arise from the Lac Dayet Srij and taste the traditional Tagine dish of this region that is slow-cooked in a clay pot on a sunny day! Those who love to feel the heat on a sunny day would have an unforgettable experience.

Image by Tomáš Malík
Image by Ignacio Ceballos
Image by Tomáš Malík


Formerly a small Portuguese fishing village, this city has a long and interesting history. The old fortified walls that surround Essaouira were built in the eighteenth century and are so thrilling to witness that they were even featured in a few episodes of Game of Thrones! You will love wandering the small streets, shopping for food in the local markets, and cooking it up down a back alley grill surrounded by locals. Discover the fascinating Jewish heritage of Essaouira and shop in the tiny boutiques and shops. Spend the night in boutique riad by the sea and enjoy the fantastic seafood!



The Atlas Mountains are the must-see location for those who want to go hiking and enjoy Morocco's natural beauty. This spectacular area consists of mountains and a desert which really makes you feel the heat. You will love gaining more insight into the local Berber culture and discovering a range of Kasbahs (old fortress compounds) located here.

atlas mountains Morocco.jpg
Image by zakariae daoui


Dakhla is located in southern Morocco and has long been a top destination for adventurous water sports lovers! There are a range of fun activities to enjoy here from kite surfing, SUP, water skiing, wake boarding..not to mention eating local oysters with a glass of Moroccan wine on a boat in the blue lagoons at sunset!  This hidden gem of Morocco provides a perfect balance of coastal and desert climate. You can even visit the dragon island where you can grab a view of kite surfers and dolphins!

Image by Dekeister Leopold
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