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Spain's Unknown Beaches: Part 2

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Warning: Reading this post may result in the purchase of a plane ticket!

Here are some recommendations for even more of Spain's beautiful unknown beaches from various parts of the country. Bring extra sunscreen - you'll be tempted to visit more than one!

Melide Beach in Galicia, Spain

Melide Beach in Spain

Watched over by three lighthouses, Melide Beach is truly a dream. Located in Pontevedra, Galicia, Melide isn’t frequently visited by tourists. If you’re looking for seclusion, look no further. The only people you'll see here are a few local surfers coming to ride the waves.

Ribadesella Beach in Asturias, Spain

Ribadesella Beach in Spain

The views are stunning from Ribadesella beach in Asturias. The beautiful rock formations cause the waves in this area to be quite large, which makes it ideal for those who are looking to kayak or surf. The luscious greenery surrounding the beach gives it a unique feel compared to many of Spain's other popular beaches.

Viveiro Beach in Galicia, Spain

Viveiro Beach in Spain

Viveiro beach in Galicia is a great starting point for those looking to hit a few secluded beaches on the North coast of Spain. This is a common vacation destination for the Spanish, famous for the Atlantic scenery and white sandy beaches. There are countless smaller, secluded beaches within an hour of Viveiro, and we guarantee the vibes in this region are worth traveling for.

Playa En Bollullo in Tenerife, a beach in Spain

Playa En Boullo in Spain

Playa En Bollullo in Tenerife is truly a slice of paradise. The soft, black, volcanic sand makes it all the more enchanting. If you are trying to find an escape from the popular Playa de Las Vistas, take a quick trip to Playa En Bollullo. When you arrive, walk down the stairway to reach the beautiful moon shaped beach, and be sure to bring a beach umbrella, as the black sand can get quite hot!

Playa Barca on Fuerteventura- a beach in Spain

Playa Barca in Spain

One of Europe's best windsurfing locations, Playa Barca hosts the Windsurf World Cup each summer. This beach on the island of Fuerteventura is also great for a family day with calm waters that are ideal for relaxation. It seems to go on forever, so don’t worry about finding a good spot to spend the day.

Didn't catch our first post? Check out part 1 here at Spain's Unknown Beaches for more amazing beach recommendations.

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