In this 4-day extended trip, you’ll get to know San Sebastian up close and personal, as well as some of the region’s prettiest outposts. You’ll spend three days in the this culinary capital, learning to eat and drink with the best of the locals, while also exploring the city’s historic side. You’ll be able to explore its beaches and boutiques, as well as its quiet cathedrals and lively plazas. On your final day, you’ll explore the coastal region, home to scenic fishing villages, brimming with a unique culture and cuisine, ready to be discovered. This 4-day extended tour takes you to the heart of Basque country, a journey not to be missed.

Day 1

The first checkbox on any foodie tour of San Sebastian should be a pintxo tour, and we’ll provide you just that. You’ll be introduced to the concept of pintxos, both what they are and how to enjoy them. Our knowledgeable guide will teach you how to scout out the best of the pintxos bars in town, where you’ll get to try a wide array of gourmet bites accompanied by the local ciders or Txakoli wine.

Day 2

The day’s city tour will bring you through the best of San Sebastian, from its cultural landmarks like Constitution Square, the cathedrals, the Playa de la Concha, and the La Bretxa Market. You might even get to see the city in dazzling panorama from the top of Mount Igueldo. Your guide will treat you to stories about the city’s vibrant past while also guiding you to the best of what it has to offer today, making this charming seaside city truly come alive.

Day 3

On your free day in San Sebastian have the city at your fingertips. Perhaps you’ll spend the day wandering the narrow streets of the city center, admiring the Belle Epoque architecture, dipping into the boutiques of the pretty tree-lined Gros neighborhood, or admiring the sea on one of the city’s beautiful beaches. There’s no shortage of delicious food and drinks to be had, so it’s best to leave ample time for sampling more of the city’s artful pintxos.

Day 4

What better way to end the tour than with a visit to the charming Basque fishing villages that line the Cantabrian Sea? On this final day, you’ll get to see the charmed coastal villages of Getaria, Pasaia, and Hondarribia, whose charming ports, bracing sea air, and Michelin-starred cooking make them a dreamy end to an unforgettable trip.       Spain:   (+34) 690 823 669          US:   (+1) 347 414 9318

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