Wine lovers, nature lovers and those of you who just love hidden gems will adore this region. The Priorat is not only stunningly pretty, it also is famous for being one of the top wine regions in the country. This 4 day itinerary will leave you with a great feeling for the area and by the end, you will not want to leave!

Day 1

We'll begin by driving with a visit at one of the wineries that was one of the first of the modern Priorat renaissance in wine making, also happens to be one of the prettiest vineyards, and most informative visits. After this wonderful visit, we will head to Gratallops. This tiny town is at the forefront of wine production in the area. We’ll visit a winery also known for being one of the first in the region and is quite a charming character. While there, you'll enjoy a fantastic, traditional lunch in the winery. While eating lunch, we will pair each dish with one of their wines, getting to taste their full range. Following lunch, we will head to the charming little town of Porrera, about a 20 min drive away and head to meet with the owners of a family-run winery to tour their beautiful vineyards and taste their fabulous vintages.

Day 2

We’ll begin with a drive to La Morera de Montsant and take a nice downhill hike to the next village over, Scala Dei. Here we will find an amazing Carthusian Monastery that was the key to the growth of the whole region. We will have a private tour of the monastery and learn all about the history of wine production in the area. After this wonderful visit, we will head to one of the main villages of the Priorat, the charming little town of Porrera. Here we will have a fantastic lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants. Following lunch, we’ll meet the owners of a famous family-run winery to tour their beautiful vineyards and enjoy a vertical tasting of some of their best vintages.

Day 3

Your guide will meet you after breakfast to start with a drive to the Delta d'Ebro for this authentic experience. Here, you’ll learn firsthand how the businesses of the Delta de Ebro produce their delicious products with an explanation of the history of their cultivation, unique to this territory. You will then visit a floating restaurant that doubles as an oyster and mussels farm out on the sea. We’ll have a terrific lunch here, out on the Mediterranean. With incredible seafood accompanied by local wine and cava, this day is sure to be an unforgettable one! Following your visit, head to a local family run olive oil producer for a brief tour and oil tasting. Learn all about the importance of this golden oil in the local cuisine before starting the drive back to your hotel.

Day 4

For our final day, we will head to the stunningly beautiful clifftop village of Suirana. This village has to die for views of the whole region as it is perched on top of the mountains. We will take a walk out to the cliff end where in 1153, a Moorish queen jumped off the top in order to not be taken captive by the Christian invaders! We’ll enjoy an easy 2hr circular hike along the mountain, taking time to enjoy the amazing views. In the middle of the hike, we will enjoy a great picnic. After the hike, we will head back towards Barcelona.       Spain:   (+34) 690 823 669          US:   (+1) 347 414 9318

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