Lanzarote is a magical landscape, far different than what you will find anywhere else in Spain. The lava rock makes you feel as though you are on Mars and the relaxing island vibe gives you a rejuvenating sense of tranquility. This 4 day plan will give you a solid taste of this island paradise and probably leave you wanting more!

Day 1

Arrival and head to your boutique hotel in Puerto del Carmen, the perfect base for a 4 days stay on Lanzarote. Enjoy a sunset stroll along the Playa de Los Pocillos. This beach is the perfect place to watch sunset. Take a stroll along the sand as the sun drops behind the mountains and the sky glows orange. It’s worth checking the times of sunset but this is the perfect way to spend an hour relaxing before dinner, especially if you’re staying in Puerto del Carmen.

Day 2

Enjoy an active day cycling the Volcan el Cuervo, a dormant volcano which makes for an incredible focal point for a bike ride. Over the course of the day, you’ll ride the circular route around the whole volcano, then you’ll get to walk inside the crater! In the afternoon, you can visit one of the fantastic local wineries for a visit and tasting.

Day 3

This beach is worlds away from some of the tourist resorts and is the perfect place to soak up the sun! The waves are great for all levels and we can set you up with a wonderful teacher if you want. In the evening, head to the famous Jameos Del Agua. Take a dip in the turquoise pools and then enjoy dinner and a show.

Day 4

Scuba diving into an underwater sculpture gallery.Today we will visit the incredibly unique Museo Atlántico, Europe’s only underwater museum! This is a unique dive site in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. This experience is suitable for everyone, even if you do not have a dive license. The day consists of three parts. It begins with a try dive from the shore. For this first dive, we explain the most important dive theory in a 20 minute safety briefing. Together with an instructor you do a dive from the beach with a maximum depth of 6 meters. After this dive, you will learn a few basic dive skills in the pool. Then you have a short break to eat and drink something close to the dive centre. After the briefing, we will go by boat to the underwater museum. The statues of the Museo Atlántico are at a depth of 14 meters. Because you are not allowed to dive deeper than 12 meters, you will stay with a private guide to ensure that you stay at this depth. Here you will have a perfect view of the statues.

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