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Spain in New York: Mercado Little Spain

Mercado Little Spain

With the hopes of being just like the markets in Spain, the most highly anticipated food hall of the year opened its doors in May 2019 in Hudson, New York. After over thirty years of friendship and several joint projects, the big-name Spanish trio José Andrés, Albert Adrià and Ferran Adrià brought out their first culinary child: Mercado Little Spain.

Jose Andres of Mercado Little Spain

Mission of Mercado Little Spain

In his first interview about Little Spain for Condé Nast Traveler Spain, José Andrés said "This is not a business. This is a tribute to the housewives, our cooks, fishermen, butchers, what we have done is to open the Spanish culture here through their kitchen". The chefs at the restaurants in the market have only one uncompromisable condition - to respect the native product imported from Spain or cultivated by Andrés's Spanish culinary professionals.

Chefs of Mercado Little Spain

Mercado Little Spain as a Tourist Attraction

Sitting on 11 hectares of land in a new neighborhood west of Manhattan, disputed by six office skyscrapers, a shopping center and one of the city's must-see tourist attractions, the High Line elevated park sits Mercado Little Spain.

Inside Mercado Little Spain

About Mercado Little Spain

One of the main spaces in the market is the Spanish Diner modeled as a social meeting point, followed by Leña, a space dedicated to paella and roast meat cooked over firewood, and sea. The BarCelona is a bar that is easiest to park at and never want to leave. Its design imitates a popular bar at the La Boqueria market in Barcelona. Then comes the striking orange food truck which comes bearing Bravas and Churros. But, that is not all! Next is the Farm with a wide variety of pastries and light snacks.

Food at Mercado Little Spain

Experience Mercado Little Spain

Wondering what dining here would be like? You would start with a cocktail at the vermouth-focused bar Bar Celona, and chase it with Spanish Patatas Bravas and other savory tapas at the surrounding food stalls in the market. Afterwards, the day could end with flan at the pastry stand, and maybe a bag or two of Ibérico ham to take home. Little Spain emulates the experience of a traditional food market in Espanã, where people hop from stall to stall devouring tapas before picking up groceries, and bread to take home.

So, next time you are in New York don't forget to breathe in some of this little Spain's fresh air right at your footsteps in the Hudson! Buen provecho!

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