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Profile of a Spanish Chef: Àngel Leòn

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Angel Leon

About Ángel León

Fostering the idea of sustainable seafood, chef Àngel Leòn’s three Michelin star restaurant, Aponiente in Puerto de Santa María, features fish ignored by other chefs such as Atlantic mackerel, moray eel, krill, and bleak. He is widely recognized from the Spanish television show, Chef of the Seas but he has also written a book, “More Than Tapas.”

Image of Angel Leon

History of Ángel León

Leòn is known for researching marine products in his kitchen and partnering with local universities to test ingredients and fishing methods. Since he grew up sailing, at night he would gaze off the boat at bioluminescent plankton. He has been fixated with sharing this fascinating light to the world ever since and is focused on introducing bioluminescence to new dishes and beverages. In 2009, he discovered a way for plankton to be consumed by humans with the company Fitoplancton Marino, and is still experimenting with plankton ingredients in his extravagant dishes today.

Chef Angel Leon
Spanish chef Angel Leon


Ángel León's Restaurants

Other restaurants he has worked at include, El Faro del Puerto in Andalusia, Casa Irene in the Pyrenees near Lérida, and BistrEau at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental on Passeig de Gràcia.

Àngel Leòn's cutting-edge culinary creations have launched him to be an international gastronomic star. His talents are best showcased at Aponiente, which after a brief research break, re-opens March 8th 2018.

Àngel Leòn is a shining example of the high levels of creativity being brought to the world by young Spanish chefs. Chapéu!

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