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Basque Gastronomic Societies

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Basque Country Txokos

The key to grasping the cultural and culinary heart of the Basque Country is in understanding the long-standing tradition of their gastronomic societies. In these societies or, "Txokos" (pronounced "cho-ko"), local culinary traditions are kept alive in the hands of members of the local community...literally!

Members cook traditional meals in a shared kitchen of Gastronomic Societies

About Gastronomic Societies

Though each Txoko is a bit different, many of them are set up like a private club or community restaurant with a shared kitchen, where local dishes are prepared by the members of the Txoko themselves. Sometimes, members take turns to wow fellow members or friends and family with their take on dishes that are central to Basque cuisine. If that´s the case, everyone brings something along to contribute to the meal and share in the experience together.

Fresh local ingredients are used in traditional recipes in gastronomic societies

Guests of Gastronomic Societies

With a fixed number of members and new member priority placed on family and friends of existing members, gaining this exclusive access can take time and patience. However, lucky guests can be invited by current members to get a glimpse into one of the Basque country´s most unique traditions.

A delicious meal for those who are lucky enough to get an invite from a gastronomic society!

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